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Ceramic Knives-A Cut Above the Rest

Tuscan Cooking ClassThis spring, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Italy for 10 days.  It was a great trip, we saw a ton, and had a phenomenal time.  And one of the highlights of the trip was taking a cooking class in Tuscany.  The class was in this wonderful old villa with a huge olive grove and rosemary plants that looked more like landscape bushes then herbs.  We cooked and drank wine and ate and cooked some more.  Boy did we cook…I think it was an 8 hour experience!  But it was a great one.  The food that we prepared was excellent, and I learned a ton.

One of the most shocking revelations for me though was concerning the knives.  While in the class, our instructor talked about why you need to use ceramic knives to cut tomatoes.  Apparently there is some chemical reaction that occurs when theRosemary tomato comes in contact with the metal, and it alters the taste…who knew???  I was blown away. This was all news to me.  In all of my cookbook reading, food magazine perusing, food and cooking show watching, I had never heard this!  So, I knew as soon as I got back to the states, I had to get a ceramic knife.  I just had to have one.  As God as my witness, I will never cut a tomato with a metal knife again!  And, true to form, I got back…and…I sort of forgot about it!  I didn’t get the ceramic knife.  I cut tomatoes with my handy dandy METAL chef knife, and, well, things were fine.  That is, until Christmas.

Hampton ForgeOut of the blue, without ever mentioning the whole tarnished tomato thing, on Christmas Day someone got us not only a ceramic knife, but a whole set.  It’s the Hampton Forge Duraceramica 10 piece set, and it’s awesome!  Needless to say, I was shocked.  Really shocked because it reminded me that I never got that ceramic knife over the last seven months.  But it was a perfect gift, so appropriate.

Cutting TomatoesI have to admit, I was a little nervous using a ceramic knife.  For some reason, I kept envisioning this delicate knife that would just break on me.  From what I understand, you do need to be careful.  You shouldn’t use them to chop through bones or anything like that.  But I happily tested them out while making a salad, and they did an awesome job.  I chopped the lettuce, tomato, fresh mozzarella, and even the chicken, and the knife was great.  Cut through everything “like butta”.

Slicing ChickenSo, if you need to get a new knife…perhaps your brother used your good paring knife to pry open a stapler and broke it (true story, just this past November, and I’ll admit, I’m still a little bitter) or you just want to add to your collection, consider a ceramic knife.  It really is a great addition, and oh, those tomatoes!!!