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A Rainy (or Snowy) Day Activity-Painting Paneling

The weather finally seems to be getting warmer, even though it’s a rainy day in my area.  But, sometimes, a rainy day is perfect.  It’s a great day to actually tackle some of those indoor activities you keep putting off.  For me, a recent rainy day was a great day to finally paint the wood paneling in my kitchen.

PicturesA few years ago, I was given prints of a fork, spoon, and knife that I wanted to hang in my kitchen.  My kitchen is pretty dated.  Even though I know at some time in the future I’ll redo it, for now, it will have to do.  The one thing that drives me nuts about it though is an area of paneling in the kitchen.  Years ago, the house originally had a side door, but that was covered up, and paneling was used to hide the space.  And, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s paneling.  While I would have loved to pull it down, that was a little beyond my rainy day project.  So instead, I painted the paneling to better match the rest of the kitchen and the great prints I had.

TapingThe biggest part of any paint job is the prep.  If you prep the area and make sure you’re ready, the painting will be simple, and clean up will be as well.  The first step was taping all of the edges with painters tape.  Then, I had to start sanding.  Because I was painting paneling, and the paneling had a smooth finish, sanding was important.  You want to be sure there is a rough surface for the paint to adhere.  I simply took a sanding square and went over the whole surface to Sandingrough it up.  This also helped even out any imperfections in the wood.  Once the wall was rough, I was ready to paint.

Because it was the kitchen, and it will probably need a lot of wiping over the years, I used a Behr eggshell finish.  And because it was a small area I was painting, and with the grooves in the paneling, I decided to use a hand-held brush.  I could have used a roller for most of the wall, but, since I still would have had to use the brush to get into the grooves, I just used the brush for the whole project.  I painted the wall with smooth, long strokes, going down the grooves first, then Paintingcovering the main surface.  I worked in about a 1 foot square area, then went to the next, always brushing up and down, with the grain.  It didn’t take long to cover the whole surface.  I ended up putting a second coat on just to be sure the paneling didn’t shine through.

One thing to note, I’ve struggled with the painters tape in the past.  If you let the paint dry completely, and then you pull off the tape, if there are any sections that had the paint pretty thick, the tape just pulls the paint right off the wall.  The way I avoid this is I take the Finished Producttape off as soon as I’m finished painting.  This way, the paint isn’t completely dry, and so I just pull off the tape, not some of my hard work!

Once the wall dried, I was able to hang my new prints.  I have to say, I’m very happy with the way the wall turned out.  I love the light mocha color, it makes a huge difference for the kitchen, and the prints really add something to the wall.

So, what do you like to do on a rainy, or snowy day?

Simple Holiday Decorating Idea…in January!?!

OrnamentI know, I know, it’s January 10th, why am I talking about holiday decorations?  But as I think about taking down the Christmas decorations (and yes, I said “think about” not “start” or even “remember” because I keep delaying and delaying, I hate the take down part), I wanted to share a simple decorating idea I did last year.  I think it’s really easy, but I can’t tell you how many people commented and complimented!

The first thing I did was search for the branches.  Even though I thought this would be the easy part, this actually took some work.  The yard failed me…nothing was right.  I wanted something think to showcase the ornaments, and it had to be stripped of leaves.  So then I thought I would just buy them, but after going to Michaels, A.C. Moore, and Jo-Ann Fabric, with no luck, I was starting to give up. Finally, a neighbor cut down a huge old tree, so I snipped some branches off the top and was all set.  Honestly, I think finding the branches was the most difficult part.

SuppliesThe next hunt was for a vase. I needed something that would hold the branches in place.  I settled on an old vase that was my grandmothers.  You can see how small the opening tapers to from the picture.

For the balls, I had these 24 ornaments for years.  I used to put them on the tree, but figured I’d try something different.  And I felt like I had too many ornaments for the tree anyway!  I like the matted finish of these too.  But use whatever you have or whatever you like.  And if you are like me and think 24 is way too many…you’re wrong.  In the end it was barely enough.

Bare BranchesOnce the supplies were together, the tricky part was getting the sticks in place.  It took some trial and error, and probably cursing, but in the end, it worked. Then just get those ornaments up and you’re set!

Like I said, pretty easy and great results.  You could even spray paint the branches white, or use ribbon instead of the hooks to hang the ornaments, but hey, I went for easy!

So…January 10th with a tree up, lights, everything.  I guess I should start taking things down.  I mean it is after the Feast of the Epiphany…the official end to the Christmas season…or at least that’s what I remember from my 12 years of Catholic school!  When do you take you’re stuff down? Or did you already…don’t judge me!